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LCRM Repair Services


Our technicians are highly qualified and boast honours degrees, diplomas, post-graduate certification in computer forensics, A+ PC repair skills, commercial forensic training and certification, Microsoft partnerships which is the industry standard for computer support technicians, and with ten years' experience.

Honest Technical Advice

Repairs and upgrades constitute the majority of our work, when we receive your computer for the first time our services include an honest opinion on whether a job is financially viable or not. Making a decision on whether to upgrade your PC or Mac, save your money and go for a new model and even sourcing a refurbished solution to meet your budget are all part of the service provided here at LCRM.

New PC or Upgrade

Many people still have working monitors, PC cases, DVD drives and various other components and without a knowledge of your hardware, you may feel forced to purchase brand new computers and laptops. LCRM technicians can help by explaining - in simple terms, the options available to you. We can help you to keep your machine running for the next year or so - we call this 'putting a plaster on it :)' - at the other end of the scale we have been known to spend hours with our customers planning a rock solid future-proof plan.

Our repair services include:

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London Computer Repairs and Maintenance

'Providing support when IT counts'

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